Wii Kayak, Do You?

At Esperanto Interactive, we believe in innovation, in taking what’s been made before and tweaking and stretching its limitations. With the Nintendo Wii, along with all of the amazing Wii input devices that have been created since the console’s inception, we believe that our innovation can be expanded in exponential amounts. To introduce our creative approach to gamers, we have designed a game that is both entertaining and pioneering. Wii Kayak is a game in which players simulate the experience kayaking on real rivers, lakes, and oceans.  In the game, they can race other players, race the clock, or just explore some of the greatest bodies of water on Earth.


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Cultural Landscape of MMO Gamers

I never knew there was such a slew of information available about MMO Gaming online. Maybe I was just being naïve—it seems to make perfect sense that online gaming news would be broadcast across the world-wide-web—but I think it’s probably because I had never really thought about it. My favorites of these resources would probably be The Escapist, Terra Nova, and Kotaku.

The Escapist seems to cover the actual games themselves. This site keeps viewers up-to-date on the most recent gaming phenomena, as well as reviewing upcoming games and reporting general news about the gaming industry.  It’s pretty easy to search within this resource; they give you a nice search option that pulls articles from both the site’s databases and the massive forum. The forum was actually my favorite part of this site. It really enables you to hear the gamer’s point of view and opinions on many topics. I found a really great thread raising the awareness of region locking in games. Also, there’s lots of info about Dungeons and Dragons Online, and the news appears to be updated frequently.

Terra Nova is a very interesting resource. It is a compilation of blogs by different authors—combining lots of opinions into one site. They have all of their blog posts archived, so you’re practically searching through a vast library of information. Once again, it’s pretty easy to sort through their information thanks to their search bar. I found one really neat blog that was a census of gamers. It seems like Terra Nova is more of a site for scholarly research, and will probably be helpful in further research about transnational play.  Funny enough, there doesn’t seem to be too much information about Dungeons and Dragons Online, but I did find one blog post aboutFree Realms.

Kotaku is a lot like The Escapist in the sense that it delves a lot into the games as opposed to the wider view of gaming culture. However, they’re humorous, which is always a plus, and they seem to have a very large (and very outspoken) fan base. I really loved the commentary on the articles left by the readers. When I first got onto the site, a Dungeons and Dragons Online article was on the home page! It’s another easy-to-search site. There doesn’t seem to be too much coverage on region-locking, however, so it probably won’t be a useful research in the future as we continue to look at the subject of transnational gaming.




About Me

Hello. My name is Jackson, and I am a junior Communication major at Trinity. I am from Nashville, TN, but I hate country music. I am very involved with TigerTV; I work on two of the shows, and I'm the Web Manager for the station. Outside of TigerTV, my interests include music (both listening and making). With my busy schedule, I hardly get any time to game. When I do play, I play Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii.

My favorite gaming system was the Nintendo 64. I would play Goldeneye and Star Fox 64 for hours. Since my N64 broke, I moved on to XBOX and XBOX 360. My favorite games for those systems are the Need For Speed series and the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

In 9th grade, I was heavily addicted to Diablo II for a couple of months. I was so addicted, I dreamt in Diablo world. I ended up having to clear the program from my computer. I'm pretty sure I won't get addicted to Dungeons and Dragons Online, but look really forward to discovering the world of MMORPGs again.


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